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J-L Team Places well in State Robotics Competition
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Robot driver Steven Morehouse checks over the robot with accessory specialist Jon Mardyla during the State Robotics Competition two weekends ago. The Johannesburg-Lewiston Robotics Team traveled downstate to compete in the Robotics Competition for the third year in a row. According to team coach Tony Fortin, the team placed 27th out of 65 teams. They also earned a creativity award as well as peer awards for having a unique robot design, and having the coolest team uniforms. Each year the team builds a unique robot designed to perform some physical challenge. This year's challenge was similar to a soccer game with three robots assisting each other on each team. The team designed and hand assembled the robot which was dubbed the Sky Hooking Robotic Elevating Kicker. (SHREK).

J-L's 'The Army of the Sum' wins Judges Award Trophy

By Lorene Parshall ~ Staff writer ~ Gaylord Herald Times

    JOHANNESBURG- The Johannesburg-Lewiston High School (JLHS) Robotics Team managed an impressive performance in this year's First Robotics District Championship competition in Traverse City on March 6-7.
    The Johannesburg-Lewiston team has named themselves "The Army of the Sum"  and have adopted an army theme with camouflage uniforms to compete in the annual robotics competitions.    
    The team came within two match wins the overall championship and finished second out of 38 competing teams to win a trophy and medals in Traverse City.  They took home the prestigious Judges' Award Trophy for innovative and unique design as the judged by  30 engineering executives and CEO's.  They also won peer awards for the coolest robot design and the most unique designs.   "This year's success can be attributed to several factors," said Tony Fortin, lead ,mentor of the team and a JLHS instructor.  "Choosing the right strategy, advancements in programming, hard work and determination."
    The next  competition, the West Michigan First Robotics, will take place at Grand Valley University this Friday and Saturday.  They will be competing against some high-power teams with corporate sponsors like GM, Delphi, Ford and Motorola.  The JLHS team does not have big corporate sponsors, so they are basically self-funded with a small budget.

Winning any one of the district championships qualifies a team to enter the state championship to be held at Eastern Michigan University April 1-3. 

Despite not winning a major competition in the four years since they started competing, JLHS team members have been assisted in securing  $14,000 in college scholarships due to their participation in "The Army of Sums."

   For more information about the competitions visit
or www.firstinmichigan.org

Anyone interested in providing corporate sponsorship for this deserving and creative JLHS robotics team should e-mail Tony Fortin at fortint@joburg.jlas.org or call 731-4420, ext. 438.


Congratulations to the Robotics Team for an unprecedented performance this weekend
at the US First, Traverse City District Championship.
The team came within 2 match wins of the overall championship,
and finished 2nd out of 38 competing teams.
The team also took home the prestigious Judges award for innovative and unique
design as judged by 30 engineering executives and CEO’s.
The team also took peer awards home for coolest robot design and most unique robot.
Great job Team 2246!
Good luck at the West Michigan District coming up March 18th and 19th.


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