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J-L High School Daily Announcements
Friday, February 16th, 2018

Wednesday, February 21st
Pre-Festival High School Band Concert
12:45 p.m.

February 26th – March 2nd
Camp Wolverine

Friday, March 2nd
3rd Quarter Progress Reports Sent Home

Saturday, March 3rd
High School
District Band Festival Performance in Elk Rapids

Wednesday, March 7th
1/2 Day of School

Monday, March 12th
Board of Education Meeting
6:00 p.m. - Johannesburg

Monday, March 26th
Spring Break Begins - No School

Tuesday, April 3rd
Classes Resume

Friday, April 6th
End of 3rd Marking Period

Friday, May 11th
4th Quarter Progress Reports Sent Home

Monday, May 28th
Memorial Day – No School

Friday, June 1st

Friday, June 8th
End of 2nd Semester - 1/2 Day Students
Dismissed at 12:00 p.m. - Last Day of School


Alpena Community College

J-L Guidance Department
Scholarship Information & Student/Parent Resources

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J-L student asks Lauren Duski to prom in viral tweet

J-L High School

J-L High School Regular Daily Schedule

(8:20 a.m. ~ 3:07 p.m.)

1st Hour ~ 8:20 - 9:11 a.m.
2nd Hour ~ 9:15 - 10:06 a.m.
3rd Hour ~ 10:10 - 11:01 a.m.
4th Hour ~ 11:05 - 11:55 a.m.
11:55 a.m. - 12:25 p.m.
5th Hour ~ 12:29 - 1:19 p.m.
6th Hour ~ 1:23 - 2:13 p.m.
7th Hour ~ 2:17 - 3:07 p.m.

Parent Resource: Homework Help

Home of the CARDINALS!

2017-18 J-L High School Handbook


Class Of

Class of 2018
Class of 2019
Class of 2020

Send an e-mail to the Office.
Contact the High School Office
If you are in need of emailing the high school office
regarding absences, items for announcements, transcript requests, etc.

*ALL bus notes must be turned in by noon or they
will not be processed by the transportation department.

LUNCH: Pizza
TUESDAY: Chicken Tenders

Half Day of school TODAY!  You will be dismissed at 12:00.
NO SCHOOL Monday, Mid-winter break.

Students staying after school for any reason MUST have adult supervision for their school activity.  Athletes or extra-curricular activities MUST be supervised by a coach and after school academic students should be with their teacher or in the after school academic support lab.  No one should be roaming the building or conducting after school activities without supervision.

J-L musicians had outstanding performances throughout the day at District Solo & Ensemble held in Mancelona on Saturday.  24 events made up of 27 band members qualified to advance to State.  Congrats to all who performed! Special congrats to Makayla Kwapis, Amelia Lawrence, Taylor Peterson, Gabe Law, Hannah Collins, Darrien Wertman, Ava Kayner, Kaitlyn Campbell, Thomas Agee, Caleigh Madej, Dinah Brown, Emily Baker, Gage Boughner, Nathan Lawrence, Natalie Collins, Jamie Burke, Art Cady, Chloe House, RaeAnn Kievit, Anna Baker, Kamryn Kennedy, Jacob McDowell, Aaron Latuszek, Kyle Robbins, Vince Hummel, Tara Madej, and Nathan Idalski for advancing to State!!

Happy Birthday to Alyssa Bartle

Reminder to all Camp Wolverine counselors:  Medical Forms and Money is due TODAY to Mrs. Taratuta.

A Segment II class will be held on March 12, 13 & 14.  If you have any questions, see Mr. Foster.

Once again the high school office is collecting Family Fares “Direct your Dollars” receipts.  Monies are going towards a new electronic marquee sign outside on the front lawn.  Please turn in your receipts to the office today.  For every 150,000 points we will receive $1,000.00. 

There is a girls track team sign-up sheet in the high school office for those that are interested in participating.

For any returning varsity volleyball players or any upcoming junior or senior planning on coming out for the team:
There is an OPTIONAL fundraiser for you available on Saturday, March 10th from 9 am-1 pm. We are hosting a 5th & 6th grade home game and need workers & lots of baked goods. Contact Coach Peppin with questions or to sign up to work and/or bake.  Money earned can be used toward team camp or any other costs during the season.

Friday 2/16
BBB vs Bellaire 6:00

Friday Feb. 16th – ½ Day of School-President’s Day weekend, D @ 12:00
Monday Feb. 19th – Mid-Winter Break/President’s Day, NO SCHOOL
Wed. Feb 21st - 12:45 pm HS Band Festival Concert in Gymnasium
Friday March 2nd – 3rd Quarter Progress Reports Sent Home
Sat. March 3rd - 11:00 am HS Band Festival Performance in Elk Rapids
Wednesday March 7th – ½ Day of School- PD Day, D @ 12:00
Sat. March 17th - HS State Solo & Ensemble in Cadillac ALL DAY
Monday March 26th – Spring Break Begins, NO SCHOOL
Tuesday April 3rd – Classes Resume
Friday April 6th – End of 3rd Marking Period
Friday May 11th – 4th Quarter Progress Reports Sent Home
Monday May 28th – Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL
Friday June 1st – Graduation
Friday June 8th – End of 2nd Semester, ½ Day Students, D @ 12:00.

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J-L student asks Lauren Duski to prom in viral tweet
William T. Perkins - Gaylord Herald Times

JOHANNESBURG — A crafty Johannesburg-Lewiston High School student’s attempt to score a famous prom date went viral last week.

Blake Harrington, a senior, posted a message on Twitter last week asking Gaylord's Lauren Duski, the runner-up of NBC's “The Voice" the following:

“Hey @LaurenDuski, how many retweets to get you to go to prom with me?”

The practice of asking celebrities for certain favors if a post gets a certain number of reactions has become an often-repeated meme in the internet age, sort of like an online bet. High school students in particular have used it in the past to get celebrities to appear in their senior photos or go to dances with them.

Harrington said he initially didn’t expect his post to go anywhere.

“My friends, when I said I was going to ask Lauren Duski to prom, they kind of thought I was joking and all that,” he said. “And then when I did it, I think they were kind of surprised that she even responded.”

Duski’s reply came just hours after Harrington’s original post.

“They say age is just a number, but to get this 26 year old back to prom it’s going to take at least 1,000,” she said.

It didn’t take long. He said his friends all made Twitter accounts to retweet the tweet, and it spread even further from there.

By Jan. 24, two days after Harrington posted his tweet, he had received more than 700 retweets. Duski tweeted that she “better go dress shopping just in case.”

“Dude if u really get Lauren to go to prom with u it will be the coolest thing ever!” one fellow Twitterer said.

There is at least one obstacle standing in Harrington's way. According to a clause in the JLHS student handbook, dates to prom can be no older than 20 years old. The handbook further stipulates that “no exceptions will be made” on those age limitations — apparently not even for celebrity hometown heroes.

Officials from the high school have not yet responded to a request for comment. But Harrington said he has talked with the Johannesburg-Lewiston High School principal about the rule, and that he might be able to get around it by having Duski come to prom as a guest singer, not as his official "date."

When the tweet finally reached 1,000 retweets, Harrington said he was half asleep on the floor of his father’s new house in Indiana, where he was helping him move in.

“I was excited,” he said. “I was kind of surprised that it came as quickly as it came.”

As of this week, Duski has not officially confirmed any plans to go to the prom. Harrington said if she did show up, he thinks his friends would “be just as excited” as he is.

But, if not, he and his friends might just have to make their own excitement at their senior prom — just like teens have had to do for generations before the internet.

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Schoolwork First is an opportunity to reward students who turn in all of their homework, on time, in every class. This list is turned in to the office at the end of each marking period. Students who are on the Schoolwork First list for the marking period, receive a pass to get out of class at first bell for lunch during the following marking period. Students are also awarded at the end of the year with certificates from the high school principal.



A few Nuts and Bolts:

Early/Middle College: JLHS is looking at options to start an Early College program that would allow students (beginning with current Freshman) an opportunity to earn an Associates of Arts Degree.  Students would “sign on” for 5 years of high school, with the 5th year being entirely college centered.  Through targeted scheduling, students would complete their high school diploma and receive an AA degree through NCMC at the end of their 5th year.  More to come on this…
Cell Phones: We understand that it is a technological world and we are looking at modifications to our policies for next year.  But under the current policy, please help remind your son/daughter that if their cell phone is seen or heard during the school day (8:20AM – 3:04PM) they face the risk of having it taken away and a parent needing to come and get it.
Text Alerts: Parents and students have an opportunity to receive texts or emails when school is cancelled or delayed, as well as receiving a variety of other area information by signing up for text alerts HERE.   This site sponsored through the “PhoneGuide” is FREE to sign up! 
JLAS Website: The technology world is a beautiful thing, but please do not hesitate to call a teacher or myself if you have any concerns or questions.  Our website,, is a great source for information but it does not always give you everything you need to know. Please don’t forget the personal side of things when it comes to your kids and their grades, activities and progress as a student at JLHS.

J-L Home of the Cardinals!

Your student’s locker assignment and combination are located on their schedule.  To avoid the loss or theft of items placed in lockers, it is important that students keep their lockers locked at all times and do not share their combination with anyone.  Please report any locker problems to the office immediately so repairs can be made in a timely manner.  Students are not permitted to share lockers with other students.  Periodic locker inspections will take place throughout the year.  Please remind your student to bring their schedule to school on the first day if they wish to access their locker prior to the “all school assembly”.  The office will not pass out combinations on the first day, as the students will receive a copy of their schedule with their locker information in the class meetings.

Let's Go Cardinals!

Dual Enrollment/Released Time Students:
Students who have dual enrollment or released time are not expected to be in the building during this time. For school security reasons, if a dual enrollment/release time student must remain in the building they will report to media center and sign in.  Students are not allowed to roam the building or be unsupervised.  

Go Cardinals!

Student Handbook:
  Students will receive their student handbook on the first day of school.  Students are required to carry their handbook with them at all times.  I strongly encourage parents and students to sit down together to review the student handbook, as there have been many updates, changes and modifications.  Students are expected to comply with the student dress code policy beginning with the first day of school.  A replacement fee of $10 will be charged for lost handbooks.

It's a GREAT day to be a Cardinal!

Maintaining open communication between the home and the school is the most valuable indicator of student success at school.  Parents are encouraged to contact their student’s teachers or the office if they have any questions or concerns regarding their student’s education.  Shortly after school starts, we will send home information about how parents can access their student’s grades on the internet through Power School (Parent Portal).  The office sends out daily announcements to parents through a listserv.  If you would like to receive this information on a daily basis, please provide the office with your email address.

Student Work: 
We expect all JLHS students to try their very best at all times.  We also expect students to complete all their assignments and to seek help from teachers when they don’t understand a lesson or assignment.  We will mail home progress reports for any student who is failing a class approximately every two weeks.  It is critical that your student attend school every day unless they are truly ill.  Once a student falls behind in their schoolwork, it is difficult to catch up.  As we approach the start of school, it is important that students re-establish a more structured routine that is typical during the school year.  It is crucial that a high school student get adequate sleep each night, and that they have a suitable area at home to study and complete their homework.  Now would also be a good time for parents and students to sit down to establish goals and expectations for the coming school year. 

As in the past, high school students are not permitted to “charge” lunches. The cost for a high school paid lunch is the same as last year ($2.75), and breakfast is free for all students.  Parents may send in a check on a weekly, monthly, semester or annual basis to cover their student’s lunch costs.  Lunch is available on a prepaid status. 


If you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year, please do not hesitate to contact me at 731-4420 (extension 244). 
We look forward to a fun and exciting year at Johannesburg-Lewiston High School. 


Curt Chrencik
High School Principal

Johannesburg-Lewiston Area Schools
10854 M-32
Johannesburg, MI 49751
Fax # 989-732-6556

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Updated 2/19/18